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Greystones Veterinary Hospital, Co. Wicklow

The Premises

Our Vet hospital was planned in consultation with a conservation architect as it is a building of historic interest in Greystones. It has been re-designed to be a top class facility which has been awarded the highest certification by the Veterinary Council of Ireland's Premises Accreditation Scheme. This certification relates to all areas of the business including: external and internal presentation of the building, public safety measures, high quality treatment areas and safe, comfortable hospitalisation facilities for the pets. Our aim is to provide your pets with a top quality service from a high quality building. It also gives us great pleasure to be able to enhance and restore an elderly building in the process.

Greystones Veterinary Hospital
Greystones Veterinary Hospital

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The History of the Building (c1860 - 2010)

'Victoria House' was built in c1860 after the Dublin railway was extended to Wicklow. An OS map of Greystones some 25 years earlier shows that Greystones consisted of a small number of houses (fisherman's cottages) at the harbour area, but the harbour itself had not been built. The building has been described as 'a small urban gentleman's residence of the early Victorian period; an unusual example of a large house set in a relatively modest urban area'. Undoubtedly it is a house of local importance to Co. Wicklow, being one of the first large buildings in Greystones. It has been substantially and repeatedly altered since it was built, not always in an appropriate manner. The renovation has restored the appealing symmetry it once possessed. The house has become once again a heritage asset to Trafalgar Road and Greystones.

Victoria House Pre-Renovation
Victoria House Pre Renovation

Victoria House Post Renovation
Victoria House Post Renovation

The Layout of the Premises

We opened the doors to our new premises in November 2010. The premises is a top class Veterinary Council certified Veterinary Hospital and has given us the facilities needed to greatly enhance our services to you and your pets.

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Victoria House  Visual Tour

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Our Team

Here are the team of people who will be looking after your petís health. Our aim is to provide a friendly, professional and caring service.

Nursing and Receptionist staff

Our Staff

Veterinary Surgeons

Veterinary Surgeons

Our Reviews

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Information & Opening Hours

Greystones, Co. Wicklow
Tel: (01) 287 2099
Mon to Fri: 8am-7pm
Sat: 10am-12.30pm
Florence Road, Co. Wicklow
Tel: (01) 282 9589
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Colin Rohu | MVB Veterinary Surgeon
Enda Costigan | MVB Veterinary Surgeon
Hazel Burke | MVB Veterinary Surgeon
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