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Free Services

(Our nurses are fully qualified & registered with the Vet Council of Ireland)

FREE Juvenile Health Checks

Free NursingWe also offer a free canine/feline juvenile health check. This check will amongst other things, screen males for undescended testicles and females for infections or anomalies of the genitals. This check also serves as an opportunity to discuss neutering options. We will check your pet’s teeth as at this stage to ensure that there are no problems with the eruption of the secondary teeth. It is also an ideal opportunity to catch up on any overdue worm or flea treatment as application frequencies change at this time. Any persistent problems or questions you may have can also be addressed at this stage.

FREE Senior Health Checks

Older pets have special health needs which may require more care and attention. An important point to remember is that pets age 7 times faster than we do.Free Nursing

We offer a free Senior Health Check with our veterinary nurses for all our older patients. This Health Check will include:

  • An overall Health Check to include: heart, ears, teeth, nails & anal glands.
  • Weight check
  • A chance to catch up on overdue flea and worm treatments.

Early detection and treatment of health problems can have a huge impact on the quality of life for older pets and result in lower costs for you.

FREE Weight Control Clinics

Free NursingAs with ourselves, when dogs and cats are carrying extra weight this places extra pressure on many organs in the body. It also affects their joints, so those pets who already suffer from arthritic problems will find the extra weight exacerbating the problem.

There are 2 key factors to address when considering an overweight pet: diet and exercise. Here at the vet hospital we offer a free weight check with our nurses where we keep a record of your pet’s weight and our clients can avail of weight loss advice to suit their pet’s individual needs. We also stock a variety of low calorie foods and products to aid weight loss.

FREE Dental Health Checks

Free NursingAccording to recent veterinary findings 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have dental disease by the age of 3!! Signs of dental disease include sensitive or bleeding gums, trouble eating/ chewing and bad breath. If caught at an early stage dental disease is reversible.

We offer a free dental health check with our nurses at the clinic where we can check your pet’s teeth and gums and where you can avail of advice on treating and preventing future dental problems. We also offer advice on implementing teeth brushing and foods which will help with the prevention of tartar build up.