Medical & Surgical Services

Consultations with the Vets

  • Our ServicesAdvice
  • Health Screen (from Juvenile to Geriatric)
  • Vaccinations including Pet Passport
  • A wide range of diagnostics and treatments

Nurse ClinicsOur Services

  • Healthcare advice (Newborn to Geriatric)
  • Micro chipping
  • Post operative checksOur Services
  • Stitch removals
  • Bandaging
  • Some treatments

Our ServicesDiagnostic Procedures

  • Radiography imaging
  • Ultrasonography
  • Endoscopy
  • ECG
  • Blood pressure monitoringOur Services
  • Specialist imaging by referral

Laboratory Tests

Our ServicesOur in-house lab deals with

  • Haematology blood testing
  • Biochemistry blood testing
  • Screening for infectious diseases
  • Analysis of skin scrapings
  • Urine analysisOur Services

Specialist referral lab deals with

  • Microbiology (identifying infectious agents)
  • Histopathology (microscopic analysis of tissue samples)
  • Specialist diagnostics

Dental ProceduresOur Services

  • Ultrasonic descale and polish
  • Extractions

Surgical ProceduresOur Services

  • Range from routine surgery to orthopaedic and complex soft tissue surgery
  • Modern induction and gas anaesthetics (as used in human hospitals)
  • Top end surgical facilities with modern patient monitoring equipment


  • Our ServicesComprehensive range of prescription and non-prescription medications
  • Repeat prescriptions (24 hour notice is a great help and cuts down on waiting times)
  • Please note that both legislation and good practice require us to assess your pet at regular intervals while on prescription medications.